Original banner
Original Banner J did for me

I had taken this picture of the heavens it was larger I believe but not sure of that. I sent it to J (Jeremy) I was separated at the time. I asked him if he would do me a banner for my new blog He found the image of the back and placed it here. I then added the words Jesus and the 5 books of to it. Of course he had tools just to clip out just the image of Yeshua. Well I noticed the face in the heavens of what was used looking at pic. I typed the text on it and believe I sent it to Matthew…as had heard one of his programs when I had taken this. Then looking at the typed text it came out weird as I looked at this image.

What was interesting as I at the time had no clue where he got the image of the back of Yeshua at that time. Yet he sent me a song and told me he thought of my mom with this song. And here that image is on the video. So he clipped just the image of Yeshua from the picture and placed it where placed. This the video.. at this time both son’s would send me worship music while I had this blog.