Goes behind me

Well we have a cindyjacobs.thebrideisglobalnow.com So I go before me… seeing if this is who goes then behind me OK

send letter or call me

Send letter or call me SINCE IT HAS BEEN A WEEK NO LETTER OR PHONE CALL FROM THIS POST I WILL PUT THINGS HERE https://totallyaloneintheword.blogspot.com/2021/10/send-prayer-requests.html

A POST Matthew made

Website of Matthew Stephen Moranor Prophetic Watchman Vine

First Seeing Matthew (Beginning) One of the first things stood out to me within watching at Stephen Bennings forum…was a post the man did weird it was to me. His writings haha I do believe he answered that email not knowing who the heck I was. Text all different sizes and colors. Never in my… Continue reading A POST Matthew made