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I had found year prior several individuals that called themselves prophets and would check up on them. I knew of many and Stephen had a yahoo forum. Several prophetic voices or individuals posting links to them could be found on his forum. He also did a short teaching about 15 min. so think it was a shortwave maybe channel I am not sure. He would put these links on his forum also. Well Sephen was like all the rest of them, so I did more checking in now and then to see if any new people etc. I would go years and not check on him, remembered by heart his website which had link to forum.

I was more an interview type person, checking people out through interviews. This more the type thing I would do and keep up to date with happenings within many denominations. Of course the only TV you had mostly taught the rapture doctrine. I was aware of those called pre mid or post tribulation but all believed the rapture.

On one of my visits to Sephens I ran into someone new and that was Matthew, so as I always would do, I looked him up. I also found they were doing some traveling together regarding judgments of God. That program was Matthew’s I believe called The Midnight Ride? I think. For me that was not a time fitting. So I started with listening to programs already recorded not the live program. My guess is that it was sometime maybe 2013? So this where I heard of the man.

The one thing rare in his website, most commercial crap and never a word from Yeshua. His site had the words of Jesus home center page.

By Cindy Ehrman-Jacobs

I am an evil human, ask Messiah, but then so are you all. Praise Him though He made the most simple way to escape and become His. What does He offer? Eternal Life or damnation, lucky you (not) you have a choice. We either follow Father (Yeshua) God, or man. We either put Him above all things including family, or He don't want you. Number ONE He is.

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