Mention Several Things Scattered

I have on different posts scattered different things that man would bring up re the word of God. Well they were not things he would cover mention you should do this or that type thing. Certainly never did have or want things searched in Paul even though did hear a verse at a so called judgment used…I thought and think now.. well no way will that one happen not out of the mouth of a prophet of God’s or God’s words. Stephen was a hoot in that one so colorful and jumpin around had green on and orange stocking cap and weird well that could have been the one going to see Duck Dynasty people lol

Well I am not sure just who produced and directed that man’s actions. So if you are looking for tips..have to look at my gallery on facebook see all them websites and spell out the full name Matthew for search see… well lots of quote from that book to though…so kinda hidden like them think Messiah did in things. C Ya

You have to understand the man not on facebook he has a problem with face to face me.

By Cindy Ehrman-Jacobs

I am an evil human, ask Messiah, but then so are you all. Praise Him though He made the most simple way to escape and become His. What does He offer? Eternal Life or damnation, lucky you (not) you have a choice. We either follow Father (Yeshua) God, or man. We either put Him above all things including family, or He don't want you. Number ONE He is.

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