The Bride Is Global Now
Cindy Jacobs The Bride Is Global Now

Yes this site name had an “In the beginning” ,”The Bride Is Global Now”. I, Cindy Ehrman-Jacobs purchased it 1-1-2014 thru 1-1-2015 then purchased it again in 2020. I just might tell you how it came about…well not for you, but some time my son’s might want to know. The reason for the site was I actually found Yeshua within a living person named Matthew Stephen Moranor. I myself a follower of Yeshua which at that time knew as Jesus like the rest of the world. Unlike the rest of the world I was not taught doctrines of men that are taught. I was given a word or two search scriptures to hear words out of God’s (Yeshua’s mouth)

I looked and looked years for someone who did as I had been instructed by my Daddy. I could not find one, so most of my jumping around online I was bombarded with teachings of Paul not God or our savior. I got to know a lot of his words not reading toughs books, as that was all they typically used. So I never followed any ministry very long. This site will be about how I recognized Yeshua-Matthew and the happenings leading up to that.

The center picture was a snapshot I took of the heavens. My eldest son J (Jeremy) when I got this site created then the banner with Yeshua’s back facing the sun. The original picture very interesting of the heavens and I did put it up on the About page take a look. Now because I am back to the future you know like the movie..I added the scroll background to place it on. Well interesting how things changed. Now I am sitting on ancient things as was given in 2020 the English from Aramaic version of scripture so more truth. I will ad several sites I do have up as we work together.

I do even though I have not met yet in person Matthew we have a Spirit tie and manage to hear each other as well. You have to know Yeshua to be able to see Him in a person.

By Cindy Ehrman-Jacobs

I am an evil human, ask Messiah, but then so are you all. Praise Him though He made the most simple way to escape and become His. What does He offer? Eternal Life or damnation, lucky you (not) you have a choice. We either follow Father (Yeshua) God, or man. We either put Him above all things including family, or He don't want you. Number ONE He is.

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